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Telxon PTC-710


The Telxon PTC-710 is a mobile computer manufactured by the Telxon corporation.  The original manufacture date was in the early 1990s.  The device was created with a 4 line display and was never changed.   The device supports tethered pencil wand and laser scanners.  All PTC710 models include an accoustic speaker on the back, capable of up to 1200 baud accoustic transmit using a variety of protocals, most popular being the Bel 202.  Later versions of this device included Hayes 2400 baud modems with direct connect RJ11, as well as an internal Bel 202 1200 baud modem.


Early models included the TCAL operating system (Telxon Common Application Language) as well as MS-DOS.  Batch (non-wireless) versions of the device are available and Telxon was an industry leader at the time of introduction.  Software applications are embedded in a flash rom on the device and include mostly customer driven applications for warehouse, logistics, retail systems, and inventory.  This device was very popular for use as a low cost order-taking device.



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BarCode Trader has new and used Telxon PTC-710 units available.


The PTC710 model became immensely popular and was rolled out into worldwide, and shared equal success with large corporate customers as well as small and medium sized businesses. The 710 model has not been discontinued due to its popularity and large install base.  Telxon as a corporation was purchased by Symbol Technologies.  Symbol sells the unit as the Symbol PTC-710.


Model versions:  Telxon PTC-710, Telxon PTC-710F (flash application rom).  Memory from 64KB to 2048KB, and some rare versions built for specific customers included memory of 4096KB.


BarCode Trader has all versions of the Telxon PTC710 availble, as well as parts, repair, and service.





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